Deborah Goodrich Royce - Reflections


I am transported by stories that grab a hold of me and don’t let me go. However these stories are delivered—through books, movies, paintings, music—I think we are all transfixed when we encounter ideas we’ve never considered. Or when we come face to face with ideas that give us a shock of recognition and gratitude to the person who has put our thoughts into just the right words or images. The pages contained here are about books, films, and various and sundry art forms that have moved me. I hope they touch you, too.

Books I Love

Books are a cornerstone, comfort, and north star of my life. If you’ve made your way to my website, I am guessing that is true for you. I read all sorts of books with a partiality to fiction. But you will find plenty of nonfiction here, as well. I hope you enjoy my recommended books as much as I have enjoyed reading them. Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts or to make your own suggestions.

Author Conversations

An especially rewarding aspect of this writer’ life has been the connection to other authors and the chance to talk with them about their work. I always learn something from these conversations and am forever changed for having had the chance to have them. I hope you enjoy listening in and, as always, I welcome your thoughts.

Double Feature

From my early days as an actress, to my time as a story editor at Miramax, to my current role and chair of The Avon Theatre Film Center, a nonprofit independent cinema in Stamford, Connecticut, I’d be hard-pressed to imagine my life without movies. I treasure the ability to lose myself in a great film and I increasingly do the same with a well-made television show. So please listen in on some thoughts about film and don’t hesitate to let me know the movies that have inspired you.