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Named one of the 20 most riveting books of spring 2021 by Veranda Magazine
Royce’s prose is taut and propulsive. Ruby Falls inhabits a hallucinatory Hollywood where fact and fiction mingle freely and even the smallest acts can feel ominous…an enjoyable pastiche with plenty of twists and turns.”
  • Kirkus Reviews
Captivating Thriller”
  • Zibby Owens, author and host of Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books
Deborah Goodrich Royce does an outstanding job of creating a contemporary parallel story that connects Rebecca and Ruby Falls. This is highly recommended reading for those who like gothic stories infused with psychological tension and introspection. The tale exposes the fine paradox between magic, family ties, and the boundaries of what is real and what is not.”
  • Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer
    Midwest Book Review
Imaginative, unique, spine-tingling, and just the right amount of eerie, Ruby Falls is what a reader wants a psychological thriller to be.”
  • Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author
Secrets abound in this bang of a book, a haunting tale sure to give readers chills. A stunner with some serious Gothic vibes.”
  • Kimberly Belle, Internationally bestselling author of Dear Wife and Stranger in the Lake
A tribute to Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, this unnerving story about a Hollywood starlet haunted by her past will captivate you right up until the shocking ending.”
  • Emily Liebert, USA Today bestselling author of Perfectly Famous
Ruby Falls is a skillfully plotted page turner!”
  • Wendy Walker, national bestselling author of Don’t Look For Me

Finding Mrs. Ford Now in Paperback

Jill Bauer of (QVC and the Today Show) has chosen Finding Mrs. Ford as her March 2020 selection for her Facebook Book Club.
Named one of the five must-read summer mysteries for 2019 by Forbes
Named one of the top ten summer reads of 2019 by Good Morning America
Named one of the top fifty summer books of 2019 by Book Riot
Juicy and suspenseful.”
  • People Magazine
Royce has done a sterling job of incorporating all the things our mothers warned us about...Which is where the title of the book comes in. Don’t think you know who’s at the door, what’s in the envelope, or who’s been sleeping with whom until all the players have been accounted for.”
  • Sherri Daley, BookTrib
Royce, an actress and a story editor for Miramax, imbues her debut novel with plenty of drama, suspense, and sharp observations. (…) A compelling, well-written thriller with an effective, twisty plot.”
  • Kirkus Reviews
…Royce draws you into her plot via her dazzling treatment of this setting, and other equally well-drawn locales, including disco-era suburban Detroit, which figures heavily in the plot as well. This novel, which is Royce’s first, features equally three-dimensional characters and plot twists that are engaging and original as well. Once you’ve enjoyed Finding Mrs. Ford, you’ll find yourself expecting more great things upcoming from this author, as am I.”
  • Forbes
Deborah Goodrich Royce’s gripping and relatable literary suspense novel Finding Mrs. Ford unravels the decades-old secret behind an otherwise perfect life. (…) The novel’s payoff is a thrilling twist that comes late in the book. As Susan accepts that the truth will cost her everything she’s known, her memories of 1979 become more vibrant, violent, and graphic. The real thrill of Finding Mrs. Ford comes from reconciling the person Susan says she is with the girl she used to be.”  
  • Foreword Reviews
Something about the flashbacks—from staid, starchy Watch Hill, R.I., in 2014, to big, bad Detroit in 1979—made it feel sexy and a little dangerous. (…) the story is a fun one, with a nifty twist midway.”
  • The New York Times Book Review
An impressively original, immediately engaging and thoroughly entertaining novel by an author with a distinctive narrative storytelling style, Finding Mrs. Ford by Deborah Goodrich Royce is unequivocally and unreservedly recommended.”
  • Midwest Book Review

Deborah Goodrich Royce

Apart from writing, Deborah loves good books, good movies and good conversations about both with family and friends. And—it goes without saying—good doggies.

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